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Our Mission

Here at Awa Case, our end goal is to achieve a plastic-free Earth. Ambitious? We know.

However, we believe that every big solution can be achieved by taking small steps that add up over time.

Why did we choose to start with phone cases?

Well, 96% of Americans own a cell-phone, and 80% of those cell-phone owners use a phone case. To meet that demand, over 1 BILLION plastic phone cases are sold EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

So we figured, hey, let's make a phone case that will not only lower the demand for plastic manufacturing, but let's also plant a tree in honor of every single case sold.

By combining the use of 100% compostable cases and the planting of a tree with each purchase, these small steps will impact the Earth in a MASSIVE way.

Join the #AwaClub and help us take a step towards a #ZeroWaste future.